Welcome to Kathi’s Blog

My name is Kathi, and if you haven't already guessed from looking at my website, I am a person who loves language in all forms (written, verbal, musical). I suppose that's how I eventually ended up being interested in becoming a voice actor. Early memories of my love of language probably began about the time I began reading books whenever I got the chance (cue my favorite reading spot - the hammock in our backyard). My best friend and I would sometimes end up writing short stories together when we were young. Eventually my interest in language turned to singing, when I discovered that I could harmonize to songs on the radio without any effort. There are so many great lyrics out there! After teaching myself to play guitar, I subsequently began writing my own songs and recorded a CD with 10 of my originals (doing harmony for all of the parts - kudos to a friend who sang alto in a couple of the songs, and to the guitar player who played most of the songs for me!).

I love narrating books, especially books that need different voices, and in my volunteer work for a public domain website, I helped narrate some chapters for "Uncle Wiggly's Fortune", by Howard Roger Garis. Here is a sample of what I narrated for Chapter 15:

My love of language continued when, among many other things, I performed in musical theater in high school, a select singing group in college, and in a dinner musical theater group after college. I may have been in the chorus for the musicals, but there was a certain amount of acting involved with all of them. I always wanted to try regular acting, but somehow never got around to it.

Then there was teaching and reading to my daughter - I loved making my own character voices when reading, just to make it more interesting - and children seemed to enjoy it when I did so! My enjoyment of being a lector in my church has helped me learn to really think about what I'm reading, and people constantly compliment me on my passage reading.

This is just a quick rundown on how I got involved with voice acting. I hope to add more little audio bits and language discussions to this blog as time goes on.